How Long To Wait For Your Thesis To Appear at University Library

How Long To Wait For Your Thesis To Appear at University Storeroomwherenobodywilleverfoundit Library


As always, I would like to share my experience on how do you manage to publish your thesis after very very tough process has been undergone.

Process One : You assemble your thesis, after you have done a lot of work, without powerful proof read (as you don’t have money to support one), so you just give it to your supervisor to check for it (This process might takes forever as it totally depends on your supervisor, whether he/she is very busy or just play busy). It might takes let say 2 or 3 months to complete.

Process Two : Great!, now it is time to send for review in order to get your thesis read by examiner within few months (LOL. Another 3 months and sometimes it takes more than 3 months, let say 6 months). I don’t even know what they are going to catch in your thesis. You just need to be ready for whatever comments it might be.

Process Three: Yeah! It is time for viva examination, after 6 months just to wait for some high educators to read your thesis and correct and complain about it, it is time for your defense.

Process Four: Yup, finally your master survived, It is time to repair according to what the examiners was saying during your viva session. They will give you another 3 to 6 months. (LOL)

Process Five: You fix your thesis, send to proof read and send back to your supervisor (repeat this process for more than 2 times if your thesis really sucks, btw, it has lot of improvements).

Process Six: Now it is time for submission after correction. Wait! you need to send a separate form of Abstract Approval. This time even the abstract panel needs to check your abstract = you will need to correct it. AND THEN, another correction with the post graduate office academician in charge (Head of department of SPS) will check your abstract. Another few days I think.

Process Seven: It is time to wait your examiner to check your thesis after some corrections has been done by you. But, if the examiner in vacation, you need to wait for it. Maybe a week?weeks?month?or months?

Process Eight : If you are lucky bastard, your thesis will be prepared for senate after examiner already check your thesis. Otherwise, you still need to perform some corrections after this.(I’m waiting for Process Eight to begin, still waiting. Already nearly 1 year of this thesis things).

Process Nine: It is time for senate meeting!!!

Process Ten: Correction? I don’t know. whether you are very lucky or not. It depends.

Process Eleven: Prepare binding copy and hard copy.

Process Twelve: Finally your thesis will be appeared at your university library where I think no one will ever found it unless someone from your own department or some guys from the same field (from other universities too).

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2 thoughts on “How Long To Wait For Your Thesis To Appear at University Library

  1. moral of the story: u should get enough information about how the process of master in research flows, before u get involved in it…otherwise, u will face those problems such as delayed to get a job, after that>> money prob, etc.

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