Japanese, French teams speak of traitors in their midst


Yup, of course of live is not always it should be, but which one do you prefer (according to below article, an interesting article).. Read on.


By Brooks Peck

The World Cup is full of traitors! It’s true. The planet’s biggest sporting event is apparently a hotbed of Deep Throats and double agents embedded within various troubled national teams.

France captain Patrice Evra sounded the first alarm after reports of now-former teammate Nicolas Anelka’s sweary suggestion for manager Raymond Domenech. The coach criticized Anelka during halftime of Thursday’s loss to Mexico, and the argument hit the press. Evra declared his accusations and desire to flush out the fink at a team press conference. Via Goal.com:

“The problem of France is not Anelka, but the traitor among us. We must eliminate the traitor from the group, because he wants to hurt the team.

“There is no little mouse in the locker room, this comes from someone who is on the team and wants to hurt the team. We are not going to lie, the reporter [from L’Equipe] did not make this up.

“I do not know anything [about this person], I am not a magician.”

Evra may not be a magician and the betrayer may not be a little mouse, but you get the feeling that Evra will not rest until the threat has been eliminated. You also get the feeling that he might hunt down their Judas while wearing a jacket with epaulettes.

Elsewhere, the Japanese also find themselves under siege from within. After their 1-0 loss to the Netherlands on Saturday, manager Takeshi Okada spoke of his players’ loose lips when they’re within range of the media’s siren song. From the AP:

“Details of closed training have been revealed and I think that was unfortunate,” the 53-year-old Okada said. “I would like to again caution the players on this point.”

Caution them with extreme prejudice! Surely these kinds of leaks cannot be tolerated and just might lead to an investigation of whether disclosing secrets of a national football team can be punishable as the highest form of sports treason (which is roughly equivalent to stealing an exceptionally expensive pack of bubblegum).

Remember, friends: Loose talk can cost lives. Or three points in a World Cup group stage match.



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