Sign Of A Victory…

Sign Of A Victory.

It is a great song by R Kelly,

I’ve remembered when he sang I Believe I Can Fly…

Full of spirit and remind me of something that we are trying to accomplish in this short life.

What I’m saying is, no matter what happens, we must keep press forward

There is no stopping point as we must continue to achieve the highest peak of the mountain.

No matter what, keep fighting and don’t ever look back for every mistake that you might have done in the past.

Look for the future and press forward. Leave anything past as our guide to become successful person in this world.

Yes, you can do it, and we can do it.

Don’t just stand there and watch someone else move forward,

But, bring yourself in front of these people.

When you take a glimpse at your back, you might notice that you have been left behind for a few steps.

So, never look back but keep press yourself forward and be yourself!!!! Proof yourself is better than everyone else!! Always stay in front!!

Cheers mate.

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2 thoughts on “Sign Of A Victory…

  1. i like that song too… still remember, the song was always played during our motivation session at mrsm kuantan… the good old days. =)

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