MUCET 2010

Salam to all,

Yeah, I’ve presented my poster yesterday and guess who the judges for my poster presentation?

1st judge:-

Brig. General Dato’ Prof. Dr. Kamarudin Hussin (Vice-Chancellor UNIMAP)

2nd Judge:-

Prof. Dr. Mustapha Mat Deris (Dean of FATEKMA, UTHM)

I’m quite shocked as I’ve never knew that I was going to be judged by these panels. However, the poster seems a little bit confuse according to them and I’ve admitted it as this is my first time to present my work in poster presentation. So, I’m very happy with the judges as I’ve learned a lot from these panels. Since I’m one of the event manager during that evening session, I’m quite busy and it is good to be busy in this place where all academician sit together and exchange ideas and meet new people.

p/s – I don’t know whether I can stand a chance to win one of top five best poster for my category which is ICT01 category. Hopefully during the dinner today (29th June 2010, 8.00 pm), they will call my name.hahaha

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