Well, It has been a while since last time I wrote something for this blog-website type category site. LOL. Not so much to discuss today but it is just something that could give you a better direction for your future especially for my students.

How you know that you should have known better of yourself?

If you still follow somebody else dream, my advice is too stay away from their dream and make yourself a good dream one. You decide what your future might become and not anybody else except you alone. Of course! You are going to become more intelligent than previous generation and richer than today rich people.

So, don’t just become a follower, but become yourself. You are in control of your own life and when there is a mistake, please stand up and correct it and appropriate manner. Don’t just accept the facts but please react and response to the message that have been delivered to you.

My advice is to become what you want to be without negative thinking. Be positive in everything and soon you will realize that there is nothing you cannot handle in this world. Accept the challenge and become what you want to become. Be honest to yourself and don’t lie to yourself.

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