How to get up from a upside down of your life?


Well, I’m not from some “just another motivator guy” but actually my writing is about my real experience and it depends on your own experience or decision to listen to me or not.

Sunday, it is just another Sunday after few tough weeks but more works is keep on coming to me and no wonder I’ve prepared almost all tests, quizzes, final exam, tutorial and some notes for my students to download.

From 31th July till 1st August 2010, I need to attend so called English course that I’ve submitted my entry few weeks ago. And It happens that I don’t have any strength to come because I’m not feeling well. Maybe because of “tough week”. I don’t even have any MC with me to attach with the letter that I need to write down to TNCA for my absence. However, as long as I can write a letter and be honest in that letter, I don’t have anything to be afraid of.

Get up from an upside down of your life is a moment that where you turn the negative event to positive event and accept the reality. How could you turn such event to something that never give you “a troubling thought”. Well, it is quite easy!!

Just think and accept the reality!

Yup, how could you accept the reality and then get up and become a great person? For me, I always think that no matter what happens, it happens. for example car breakdown, don’t have enough money to buy some academic books, don’t have enough strength to catch with your friend at some marathon events, your research is less interesting than other people, and the list might goes on. So, just accept it with a smile and goes on. Nothing will happens if you just keep have negative though inside your freaking mind.

Keep move forward and smile.

Yes, pressing forward might be hard for you guys, but it is really hard for you to carry a negative though along with you. Left it behind as it becomes reality and begin to think positive onward. Embrace it as a challenge in your life and this is one of the obstacle for you to become great person one day. Just think as people is so irritating with your success, and no matter what they do, they always failed to bring you down. Once you show you unfrightened face to them, they will realize that not even a single threat can move you away from your path.

You will stay at your success path, no matter what the obstacle and keep on move forward to the success.

As to readers, don’t ever regret for anything negative event that might fall upon you, just keep moving forward and accept the reality. You guys on your own control of your life. Don’t ever let anyone that let you down, control you. Show your true self. Bring yourself to the path that will never crumble when enemies approach. An impenetrable wall of successful life that you will go for the rest of your life. Create it and allow it to happens.

Remember, the moment that you accept who you and the real capabilities of you are, you will begin to think positive and start to improve yourself.
Moreover, I finally managed to run 7.5 KM non stop at Taman Botanikal Garden after almost 2 years of jogging. Love yourself, and improve yourself.

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