Salam AidilFitri

Salam to all,

As we all know, from the local media especially television and newspaper, we can see how much different between today crime and 20 to 30 years ago crime.

Today, how much desperate people are trying to do something such an insane act such as kill and leave nothing left (Kill-Burn-And Throw into the river) where it is hardly for police to find any connecting evidence that lead to the crime suspect. Unless the suspect himself told the police the truth.

Kids missing, teenager has been kidnapped by some Lombok guy and the above story lead to one thing -> World today has become more atrocious than 10 or 20 years ago.

I also was shocked today that my best friend when I was in UTM has passed away due to some sort of disease that has been affected him since last two years/or 3 years ago. His lungs in not properly functional so few operation has been undergone. But Allah S.W.T love him more. Al-Fatihah to him that passed away 12.30 am (13 September 2010) at the age of 25 years old.

Back to the story,

The truth is, today parents must able to keep on monitoring their kids and teenagers.

– Whether they are becoming mat rempit?

– Whether they has been to somewhere else with their so called girlfriend/boyfriend for few days and no return.

– Whether our parent has been somewhere else without telling.

So, as a human being that lived in 21st century, we must be careful with surrounding environment.

– Always travel in large group

– Always be extra careful with your belonging and house

– Always keep on monitoring your surrounding/house before entering your surrounding/house.

– Always make sure your daughter has someone (a big guy from your family) to always keep on monitoring your daughter.

– Hire a bodyguard(s) if you are millionaire

– Always pray to Allah S.W.T and remember that only Allah can save you from everything. Don’t ever forget Allah S.W.T and Rasulullah S.A.W. Remember to always reading and understand Al-Quran and Hadith

– Go to some ceramah2 agama

All these stuff will make you a better person and a better family as Allah S.W.T will make a protection for your family. Be confident and calm that Allah definitely will helps us no matter what happens.

– Dont be greedy and hasty

Salam Aidilfitri to all, May Allah S.W.T helps us and prevent our life from any danger stuff. Amin.

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