Mac Versus PC

vs  PC
Hello Guys,
So, today we will discuss about Apple Mac computer and PC which is from various company.
Apple is only trying to become stand alone to deliver the MAC computer while PC can be obtained even from a snack house where too much clone computer can be made immediately and repair quickly.
Compare to the Apple company that require you to come to the Apple representative shop dealer, then you can manage to upgrade or get your MAC computer repaired in no time.
Right now, most of academician, lecturers, researchers is moving toward Apple computer. Facts? No, I just think that most of this guys use Macbook instead of PC.
While some others like me find it is quite challenging to use MAC as your cannot play Need For Speed inside it no matter how much you are trying. Except if you are using virtual machine application or dual boot.
But, I also found that MACbook is somehow quite useful to do graphic works but I think it is because its component more superior than my laptop. But still cannot defeat my powerful graphic card installed at my house PC where I play enjoying play computer games almost everyday (MAC cannot do that)
In Macbook Pro, you cannot even use function “CUT” so basically it helps you to incidentally deleted the file. So, you must somehow copy it and then paste item into your specify folder. Then you can delete the previous file located in the non-desired folder.
I just use Macbook Pro for my office work but it is so tough to write some article where I’ve experienced of using Microsoft Word since Microsoft Office 98.
The toolbox is everywhere on my macbook screen  and it is so funny not be able to do thing faster.
Macbook is only for some people who enjoy doing work only and not a platform for them to play game. Grab a PS3 or Xbox 360 or powerful PC with great GPU card or two GPUs card.
So, always be careful to plan ahead as Macbook is suitable for you to develop application for Iphone and Ipad. That is why Apple release Iphone and Ipad to make sure the success of selling more Macbook to some users or some industrialists.
Good nite and have a nice day. Thank you.

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