Salam to all Well,

what a bright and shinning day today as the sun keep on smiling to my house. Although it is a little bit too hot but I’m getting used to it. As long as you stay cool and drink a lot of water and that should be fine.

Yesterday I’ve read a news from an online newspaper which is I got it from online search where it was saying that Malaysia is the number 1 from a “Every 100,000 inhabitants that killed by a road accident”.

You guys can visit this page if you like and see for yourself ->

From this facts, we knew that we are more “poweful” than United States in term of inhabitants that been killed by road accidents/road deaths

So, what is the point that I’m going to make?

Nope. No point at all.

Because rakyat Malaysia is so “keras kepala” when they hold on their steering wheel. They cannot even think for others. They just want to prove they are good and powerful road user.

I’m really hope that ministry of transportation can do something about that.

Now the tragic bus accident already claimed it’s 13th victims recently.

I’m cannot even imagine what will happens to their family

Of course, death is unavoidable but we can avoid accident if we want it too.

I’m also just read a news about a mother of one of the victims that represented the victim during the convocation of his deceased son.

Quite sad after one or two years of struggling of studying for master degree, the son is dead. However, we still got his knowledge of his master degree to teach others.

It is something that other people who will carries his research must appreciate the knowledge that they gained before the death take them.

Finally, all I got to say is, no matter what you do in the future, try to think about others. They got feeling too. Your wife, Your family, your fiance/fiancee, or might be your friends.

Their death is not for a show, their death showed us one thing.

– “This is result of not thinking about others”

Thank you, That’s for today. To my readers, Have a good driving and alert. Always take your medicine, Care about your family and people that close to you.

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