The Art of Programming

Salam to all,


Most of the students out there (yeah, it is true) is so afraid of doing some programming stuff.

Even though it is quite easy but it seems to become something that they are really afraid of.

Why they are afraid of programming?

Their answer?

“Because it requires sophisticated and critical thinking and also smart when doing some programming stuff.


Programming is simple as A, B, C.

Once you become friend with it, you will eventually found that programming is so much easy to understand compared to understand the history subject.

Next year, 2011, a new course will be out and this course is waiting for student that will learn at least twice than other engineering students programming stuff.

They will always do programming and take programming as their daily routine just like eating rice everyday.

So, don’t be afraid of programming tasks. Starts with simple one and keep on repeating until you continue with intermediate level and then becomes expert.

That is it.

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