Training of Instrumentation, Measurement and Test at Penang

Salam to all,

I’ve just come back from Penang yesterday after 1 week training with Agilent equipment at Bayan Lepas, Penang

For overall rating of the training, what I could say was:-

1. The training took place in a compact room filled with more than 20 participants and some need to share the Agilent device with a partner. So, two person share one laptop, 1 set of Agilent Modular product (Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter, Function/Waveform Generator, and Data Aquisition (DAQ)), and one power supply.

2. They only served 10.30 Am, lunch and 3.30 pm foods.

3. We were not given any device from Agilent, so the only free stuff that is given is university courseware module consisted of lab sheets, some powerpoint slides, etc). and two modules (hardcopy).

4. Only Agilent product can be used and if there is some institution wants to use other products, they must go for “other product” training. As I’ve been told that MDEC had a industrial relationship with Agilent, so the training is  just for Agilent products.

5. During the first day, we got ourselves to visit Agilent factory. It is quite nice actually and their working environment is good.

6. The certificate that was been given by MDEC is somehow not quite good. I’ve felt that this training has no real outcome except need to buy their stuff if we wants to teach students with all we have been trained.

7. So, I’ve gave them 3.5 over 5 rating for this training.


Right now I need to settle everything as I’m not in faculty last week, So lot of work need to be done actually. Especially some programming stuff and some reports.

Next week my planning is to visit my fiancee and buy some stuff for our wedding ceremony, which is few months from now.:)

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