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Salam to all,

Today hot topic is about how to find a very good programmer. Compared to the foreign country like US, Canada and few more modern country, their programmers live like a rockstar where they somehow richer than the hollywood actors but just not a popular person. Except for the game that they have developed.

TO be honest, there is only small percentage of local talent is able to do some programming stuff while most of them just a person who said themselves know about programming. Event if they have graduated from a computer science Bachelor degree, they cannot do even a easy programming stuff and that is we or our country afraid of.

The payment salary for a programmer in Malaysia is also very low compared to the modern country (well, most of the salary for Malaysia people is low compared to our neighbour in Singapore).

Perhaps, in the future government have something to do with it and try to improve the system that capable to increase top programmers in Malaysia especially in Application development and Games Development

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