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Salam to all,

What a bright and shinning day today. Some of my friends already completed their paper marking “ceremony” while I’m currently facing problem of making another set of final examination question for one of my student. Because of his “denggi” fever.

But, back to the title.

Today I would like to discuss something that is we always and will forever do. As a customer.

Right, as a customer, you have right to buy stuff and demand for specific price. if you do not like the price, it is up to you to take it or just walk away.

When something happens, for example a defect at the “stuff’ that you already bought. You have right to replace it as long as it can be replaced under certain conditions (not applicable for some stuff like undergarments, etc).

Most of expensive electronic stuff has their own warranty. They might give you 1 year or 2 year warranty for common electronic and electrical stuff. But, for trusted and well-known company like Sony, Seagate, and many more, they can give you an option to extend the warranty up to 5 years. Or maybe more (but i not have seen more than 5 years until now).

Full stop there, because the thing that I’m going to discuss is about our right as a customer in term of what we are buying that might hurt our feeling.

Today, from a local newspaper ->

In this article we can see how muslim felt when that “sejadah” has some sort of “pig pattern” on it.

Based on the reaction from Negeri Sembilan Persatuan Pengguna chairman, he told us to avoid any cheap bargain as most of it is made from non-quality materials.

But to tell the truth, not all people is willing to spend money to buy expensive items.

As long as the stuff that we buy can be used for certain period, then it is good to buy it at local store and save budget for important stuff

So, the point here is to give a reason why the thinking do the trick

Sometime, our mind intend to imagine something that might surpass or overlimit the usual thinking. This might be good and they cannot see something that looks scary and dirty. Some might say it is a ghost but actually it was someone who back from solat at the mosque.

Same thing with nasi lemak. There is an article in the website that said that nasi lemak might have a relationship with Freemason symbol.Because of the triangle logo used by the Freemason, nasi lemak that looks like triangle shape can be considered as one of the Freemason symbolic.

Again, it is something that someone should not thinking beyond the normal human thinking.

Same thing with a word of “Baby”. I can easily described it as “Banyak Amerika Banyak Yahudi”. Wow, how can our mind think something like that? So what happened to many other words that was saying that this is an acronym of jewish, etc?

So, my opinion is to always seek the source first and ask many times yourself why it is like this and like that.

Get a knowledge source and give opinion based on what knowledge you have.

That it is for today. Btw, this is how life turns on. We must take care of our muslim too just like Rasulullah S.A.W. take care of the muslim.


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