Define Easy , Medium and Hard Achievement

Salam to all,

Yes, yesterday has encouraged me to write something about this. Especially after my first examiner for PSM 1 in my workplace.

Before I start, perhaps a nice welcome to you guys that going to read my not-so-good entry or article in this page. I’ve just want to say something that always in my mind. That is how I’m encourage myself to become a better person every single day.

After yesterday PSM seminar, I’ve noticed something that most of the educators failed to look at.

Especially when you are going to define easy, medium and hard project.

How you define all of them?

For example, I’ve master in computer graphics, So, I’ve become an expert (probably) in my area for certain level (expert is also subjective term).

Given that example, if I’m going to evaluate a person that is currently in final year, I cannot put myself into the level as much as I am.

Because among hundreds of students, it is quite rare to see a student with a good project. Except both of them is great. Student and supervisor . Or Student Thinking = Supervisor Thinking.

So, both of them is about to deliver a very good project or research.

If you are about to evaluate a person, you cannot put him as the same level as you. Know a lot as you. Eat as much as you. Earn money as much as you.

Same thing with the good things that we do and did everyday to Allah S.W.T.

You cannot judge the good things that the person did even though it is quite small. Only Allah S.W.T. know how far a person get for the good things he or she did.

The same thing with a research project. There is nothing wrong and right. Because when you doing something that never been wrong. Then it is not a research. It is an ultimate end.

Islam is perfect. Just follow the guidelines given by the Al-Quran and Sunnah,  then your life will be in perfect shape. Because Islam is Completed and Perfect.

So, Back again to the topic.

Katakan ada seorang buruh binaan dan seorang pegawai IT.

Seorang pegawai IT hanya mampu (contoh) angkat batu bata selama 1 jam lepas tu penat. Tetapi, mamat yang angkat batu bata setiap hari tu releks aje angkat 5 jam non stop.

Bagi pegawai IT tersebut, dia merasakan sangat susah kerana tidak pernah buat mcm tu sebelum ini kerana apa yang dia tahu mengadap komputer aje. Tu pun main SIM CITY buat rumah.

tetapi adakah capability pegawai IT tersebut akan improve jika dia terus menerus angkat batu bata selama 6 bulan (anggap dia ni nak merasa kerja jadi buruh binaan tu macam mana)

Selepas itu mendapat tunjuk ajar lagi bagai mana nak angkat batu bata cara yang betul dari supervisor.

Adakah pegawai IT tersebut akan improve?

Confirm akan improve!!


Easy, Medium and Hard must be defined correctly

Otherwise your student will get bad result of PSM presentation.

Supervisor must take care of the student achievement and the student must be teach how to be supervised.

The student must know how to get the solution by seeing the supervisor weekly or on schedule.

Btw, I need to go jogging, See you guys soon.


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2 thoughts on “Define Easy , Medium and Hard Achievement

    1. haha. aku just tulis ape ygn terbenam dlm fikiran. sebenarnya amat bagus jika menulis ini. At least dalam blog, minda kita akan lebih open dan see the world correctly.InsyaAllah petunjuk akan datang jika orang baca dan ditegur samada kita benar atau salah. Sebab if kita tak bawak keluar pendapat dan duduk diam, mcm mana nak tahu kita benar atau salah. Yang penting kita lakukan. hehe

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