Salam to all,

Well, November is nearly come to end for this year of 2010.

Same stuff here in my university that I’m working. Lecturers. Some of them going for “Induksi”, some is about to further their study Master/PhD. some of them preparing for their upcoming semester teaching plan. Some of them is about to finish their study and coming back to university. Some of them is going for some course and conference (including me).

Again, it is some sorts of what our daily routine looks like.

You cannot write the same book as others.

You are in control of your own life

You will never be the same as the other person and no other person will become like you.

You are on your own and you set up your destiny

As for me, I’m preparing for everything that might come forth

My wedding preparation, my conference preparation, teaching preparation, paper writing, source code to be written and lots more.

What a wonderful life that we have everyday

Some day we might stumble upon a bad day – that can only be countered by a smile and make it as a test from Allah S.W.T.

Some day we will gain something great – that can be stated as a gift from Allah S.W.T.

So, what ever we are doing right now or in the future, you already decide for yourself.

The one that will shape your color of life is only you.

When you get married, your wife or your husband will add more color of your life.

Son, daughter, is the one that also contribute to your life color.

Family, relatives, and friends will become contributor too.

It is all depends in the life path that you set up.

Never get down and always believe in yourself that you are great person.

No one can be like you and only you exists in this world

You are different than any other person.

Stay strong and it definitely will continue to grow up.

Soon, you will never know what you have might become.

20 to 30 years from now, when you look back in the past, you will smile for what you’ve done in the past.

That’s for today

Happy Holiday to all readers.

May Allah S.W.T. bless us forever. Especially me, my fiancee and our families. Amin


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