Salam to all,

Again, what a wonderful life that Allah S.W.T. has given us to breath a fresh air every single day.

Should we forgot that Allah S.W.T. told us what to do with the life we have right now?

No one should deny that we live today is because Allah S.W.T. granted us an opportunity to excel, to become success, to help others, and the most important, to not forgotten Allah S.W.T.

Inside you.

What have you looking for is always something that you wanted.

Few years ago, you always wanted to become a lecturer in one of the university in Malaysia.

But now the condition has changed. You successfully becoming one of the reputable lecturer in the university.

And then, new stuff coming in and then you need to set up for bigger goal.

All this stuff is merely a line for you to follow theoritically.

But, some other lecturers got another plan,.

Some people to pursue for research and development while some pursue for academic excellent.

The ultimate reason is still the same, you want to become successful person in this world.

All you need to find is what your life is meaning for.

Human is created by Allah S.W.T.

Thus, the objective of our life is should be a line that connected to Allah S.W.T.

Inside you, you need to find yourself a good place when you are dead and meeting with Allah S.W.T.

So, what ever you do, you must make sure everything you do is for Islam and not for yourself.

Devote yourself to become better person.

That is for today. Thank you.

Published by razorjr

Research and Academician

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