December to remember

Salam to all,

December has come to end within a few weeks.

Do you achieved anything within this year?

Or, it is the best year of your life?

I’m not a person who can help you guys to pursue your dream, at least I can do is just give some opinions based of my own learning and experiences. One can argue that experience is the best stuff but to gain an experience itself, people must go through the step before succeeded it.

Some people has different angle of seeing stuff from a same experience. For example, some people is able to get a t-shirt or bundle of clothing fabrics cheaper than any other people. But some other people can buy all the stuff they ever wanted even without a discount.

But they have a different experience from a same stuff = buying clothes/fabrics.

So, the point I’m making one here is to tell you guys, that all person has different mind and that is why a group of people exists just to make a decision. Other leaders might no be able to get 100% support from the bottom and not all people will have the same thought.

Please have look at Allah S.W.T. stated in Al-Quran

‘Wahai orang yang beriman, hendaklah kamu semua sentiasa menjadi orang yang menegakkan keadilan kerana Allah lagi menerangkan kebenaran dan jangan sekali-kali kebencian kamu terhadap sesuatu kaum itu mendorong kamu kepada tidak melakukan keadilan. Hendaklah kamu berlaku adil (kepada sesiapa jua) kerana sikap adil itu lebih hampir kepada takwa. Bertakwalah kepada Allah, sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui dengan mendalam akan apa yang kamu lakukan.” (Surah al-Ma’idah, ayat 8).

From Al-Quran, one must be able to bring justice to all people. All people must have their own experience and share their experience in decision making. What is the point making a decision with only a few selected people that mostly is just their friends and close relative?

I’m trying to advice here that, people that involve in decision must come from a completely different background and based on that, we can have a quality decision and discussion.

To move forward

In order to move yourself forward, keep your feet balance, you must be able to feel what is going on surround you.

It never be the same for all people.

Hence, I would like to have you guys to never feel down over your little experience.

Your are on your own control of your life

You are not like them

You are nor rich neither poor

Even you work at the same company, same salary, same type of house that you bought with other people in your department

You are different

People keep telling lies and provoke you with everything.

Even you have made a mistake in the past, it is not their right to bring it back.

Just don’t listen to them over your positive change of your life. Don’t ever become afraid of them.

They are not 100% perfect and you are not 100% perfect. Everyone made a mistake.

So, just keep going no matter what happens.

Live it with a smile on your face no matter what happens. Keep your feet together and walk forward

Past is just an experience for you to keep. Not for you to cry  about it but for you to know and smile that there is always something to remember

So, guys, keep your feet together. and have a nice life for every single day. Every day is not the same day.


p/s  – gonna go to my friend wedding. my previous housemate. Soon insyaAllah it is going to be my turn on the next year.

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