Human Computer Interaction

Salam to all,

Today let us talk about human computer interaction (HCI).

What is actually HCI technology?

Have you ever been wondering that the keyboard, mouse, and the joystick that you have been used for playing games either at console or PC is a HCI device?

Generally speaking, HCI is a technology that enable human to interact with a machine in simple manner.

Can you ever imagine how to interact with a machine if the machine is not being told what to do?

Few decades ago, human must involved in physical contact with hazardous material in order to conduct their research (especially in chemical industry or heavy machine industry).

So, researchers has been researching for decades in order to minimize the potential of human becoming the victim of any danger during at their workplace or any thing that involve heavy machine.

SO, they’ve introduced a robot to do the human job.

However, during that time, the robot functionality might not good as we have currently. But that is why researcher is keep going to perform research in order to minimize the potential of getting human in danger situation. Let say, we could have a better life.

Back to HCI again, HCI enable human to contact with the machine in convenient way.

But, It might helps us to do heavy work but the human becoming lazy and just to let the machine do the tasks. They cannot do anything if the robot or the device that interaction with the heavy machine is damaged and waiting for someone to repair it.

What I’m trying to convey here is that the technology is not always bring health or secure your life. Human died because of food more than the machine.

About 1 over 5 people in Malaysia has become obes. Their stomach is most likely just like the pregnant woman.

They becoming lazy to do physical work and just sitting in front of the desk and in the car without even bother to at least walk 1 km perday.

It is just my 2 cents.

My advice – try to walk around at least 2 blocks perday or 1 km perday. Spend some 30 minutes after Subuh Prayer and then back to the house and start prepare to go to work.

Get a healty life even though you are the most influence people in your research. Make an example for young researchers to follow so they not just sitting in the office without doing nothing.


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