Why Math?

Salam to all.

Today, let us talk about math. Yup, a dreaded subject that almost 90% hate it because it never turn out good for student to score.

Mathematics. Well, believe it or not, It originally came from the Egyptian countries ten of thousands years ago. [Source :-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_mathematics]

Yet, many people seems to hate it so much and just want to pass the mathematics subject instead of getting good at it.

You might surprise that ENGINEERING CAME FROM MATHEMATICS. And so with Science and Technology.

You cannot solve engineering problem if you do not define it in mathematical function.

All the formula is a mathematical equations.

So, what is the point of having the mathematics subject remove from the main course of engineering?

The point that I’m trying to make here to make myself and other people that might read my article right now to realize that mathematics is a marvelous subject.

You must put in your heart to love it more than any other subject because thanks to the person ten of thousands years ago found a solution to your engineering problems.

Even in my 3D visualization, I need to use so called matrix transformation, vector, and few others elements to make the object move in motion.

You never see 3D animation if there is no mathematics.

Life will be disastrous if mathematics has not been found ten of thousands year ago.

For muslim, it is our responsible to become great mathematician or engineer , etc as we have a lot of well-known mathematician long long time ago. It is also for us to keep on study until the death come and greet us. Because knowledge is never has it ends. it is continuous process where you will keep on gaining the knowledge. Knowledge is not just by doing a PhD, but during your period as engineer, you also will learn some other stuff instead of your job as engineer.


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