The human capability?

Salam to all,

Today in this bright sunday, let us talk about something that is related to our self. A human capability

Human capability is a unique. Created by Allah S.W.T., human can have their own thought and random decision and not like a robot.

Robot must have a battery. At most they can only stand for a few hours. To use nuclear as the energy? I don’t think so, you think nuclear can be bought for only USD 5.00 at the hypermarket?

So, robot must be maintained and operate only according to what we have program inside it. Even though there is so called Artificial Intelligence, but it is a random calculation by using certain human theories. They cannot even feel sad, angry, and mad.

Back to human capability.

Human is capable to determine their success of  their life.

Some people could run for 2 or 3 kilometers per day.

Some can hit 10 km, while few can reaches more than 20 km per session.

Given by the situation, it is hardly to believe that how can each human differ than any other human. Compared to the robot, they have same functionality and also can be easily hack by the people.

So, in order to become successful person, one must targeting what he or she wants almost.

Human must have some sort of a point before making a good direction.

Living without a point is just like a pointless life.

That is why Islam has taught us to have a direction in our life. To believe that someday that you good deeds is going to have a good result.

Do some easy thinking.

Why do you exists? Why there is only two types of human in this universe -> man and woman.

All living things also has the same things, only two.

Why we are attract to each other?

Why we have a feeling, can breath, a body that is completed to live?

It is this universe just exists on its own?

Just ask yourself, who created robot if it is not us? So, who created us? It is Allah S.W.T. that created us from the beginning.

There was a story that the barber asked a person why there is a lot of people still suffers if Allah exist?

Then the person is not given the answer yet. So he left for a while in order to explain to the barber that Allah S.W.T exist.

Later, the person came back and asked the barber, “Mr. Barber, you are not exists”

Mr. Barber said, I’m exist over here, why don’t you tell me that I’m not exist?

The person said, “Well, if you are existed, then all of the people out there must have their long hair cut”

Mr. Barber told the person, “It is because they do not come to me and seek me to cut their hair, they don’t have the information”.

The person, “Exactly, How come they will know Allah exists if they don’t come and prepare themselves with a knowledge? Knowledge of knowing Allah S.W.T.”

So, in our mind, do some thinking with a good knowledge.


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