What a good monday we have today

Salam to all,

Well, monday comes today

Another chance to enhance our skills in everything that we want.

It is also a point that we are getting older day by day

The beginning of working day on Monday actually bring something in my mind

All preparation and schedule for the whole week has been included in my personal schedule.

Research, teaching, programming, etc.

The point is what we are are trying to achieve for this week starting from today?

Are we going to have a very good preparation to gain something new and becoming a better person day after day

But, thanks again that we are still breathing and continue to put our self into a way that Allah S.W.T always wanted us to do. By follow the Holy Quran and As-Sunnah Guidelines.

Well, that is for today, just want to share something and write something that come across in my mind. It is good to write it down every stuff that you want to write. Give it either in the personal book or in the blog.



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Research and Academician

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