Collision between work and life

Salam to all,

As I’ve been struggling for almost 5 hours trying to read few papers regarding continuous collision detection. It took most of the hours to search about the definition used for each paper.

While trying to maintain my discipline in reading a paper, I found that it is fun to keep on finding new stuff by using Google search engine to find something that I do not know.

Reading research paper is hard. But it is easy at the end. Why?

Once you have found what you have been looking for, then it is going to easy as it takes.

It is just you are not familiar with the definitions and all terms exist in the paper.

You need to force it for the first time you read that paper. Go through it for example 10 minutes quick peek. And then, try to read for 1 hour with “term search” using Google. After that, take  a break and have a look again at that paper for 2 or 3 hours with a deep search and trying to understand what this paper is going to tell you. Once you have learned how to do it. Then, you found that, “hey, all this paper was trying to tell me is that Continuous Collision Detection requires future object motion needs to be known (their projectile) before we are going to start finding the right intersection, but of course with a little improvement by updating their BVH at the primitive level”.

So, it is easy at the end and now you are going to play basketball, football or any sport. Have some rest for 1 or 2 hours. and then back to research study. InsyaAllah, within few months, you have accumulated at least 100 papers (full review) and all in your head and you can even talk about it in the public without even referring to the paper back. You knew the authors and the papers title.

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