Salam to all,

It is 5.07 am in the morning, still not sleeping yet until now (Because I’ve been sleeping from 10.10pm until 3.00 am)

The programming took longer than I thought as it almost consumes my perfect two hours. But it is worth to stay up do some programming stuff in order to finish this task and submit to my lead programmer.

Given the situation, I’m currently in the mood of having all in 1 pieces. Instead of my Apple development programme, My wireless network 3D visualization project also needs to be completed within two months, also happened that I need to submit paper for CGAT conference at Penang, Malaysia before 14th February 2011. Plus, there is also almost two papers for another short term grant while preparing for my wedding ceremony. Of course, Continuous Collision Detection papers is being my daily routine to read and understand them for my 3 years course (Hope to complete it within 3 years or 4 years at most).

But that is what we called it as a life goes on and what you are going to do about it?

Face it with a big smile and that is why we called the uniqueness of life.

Just put your hand high and keep on becoming strong no matter what happens.

You cannot avoid and run away from the problem that you are facing

No matter what happens, just keep on going and keep in mind that you are going to settle it once and for all

All pain will definitely go away if you face it (your problem) with a good care.

Keep on no matter how hard it can be. Because you are the one that can solve the problem.

Let it be, let them called you loser,because, the louder the speak negative of you, the more good things will come to you at the end. All you can do is to keep on strong and then prove to them later that you are not that weak because you are stronger than anybody else.

Because one thing in your mind is to keep yourself together and fit

I’ve never imagine before that I gonna win the silver medal in 1500 meters Man Senior category

But it all changes when I really did win it and I’ only lost to the SUKMA guy that left me behind around 30 seconds.

THis year of 2011, I’m going to defeat anybody that stand on my way.

I’m going to take this chance that my real practice at least can make the guy needs to try harder to win or else I will win the 1500 meters.

Join me in athletic exercise every Tuesday and Friday . 5.45 pm till 7.00 pm.

My personal record so far :- 4 Minutes per 1 KM. But that is not in tournament and just not some real actual data collection. I’m just doing the farthest ring (Balapan track no.8) for 10 rounds at the UTeM Balapan track. According to the:-

“Since the IAAF has standardized track lane widths at 1.22 meters the above formula calculates the distance around the track in lane 2 as 407.67 meters, lane 3 as 415.33 meters, lane 4 as 423 meters, lane 5 as 430.66 meters, lane 6 as 433.38 meters, lane 7 as 446 meters and lane 8 as 453.66 meters. Read more:

So, if you are running 10 round at lane 8. It equals to 4.5366 kilometers.

It getting to Subuh already, so , enjoy your day and hopefully you guys have a better stuff to do thismorning and this saturday and sunday.


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