Colliding spheres or circles?

Salam to all,

To determine the collision between two or more spheres is likely to become one of the easiest intersection procedure.

Given the two radii of two spheres, if their distance between two centers of these spheres > R1 + R2 (where R1 is the radii of sphere 1 and R2 is the radii of sphere 2), then we can called it as no intersection has occurred.

Sometime, it is quite easy to understand that and implement the detection area but it is somehow troublesome to visualize their response after collision occurred.

Given the velocity and the gravity for both objects, also the frictions for the objects. you need to calculate the future movement of the object in order to visualize properly the response.

For example, when we detected collision has occurred, what we are going to do it to set up their response.

For example, both has their velocity, friction, and the current gravity of each object.

Once there were collided, their response is based on these variables and how they are going to react.

Based on their vector, we can also determine their future movement like sliding on the plane and so on.


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