Vacation and Holiday

Salam to all,

as we all know, right now some of us already on the way back to hometown, a place where we grown up and play.

To be honest, It’s been a tight week for me as lot of things happened. But, that is what we called as a life. Sometimes you must act, and sometimes you must remain silent.

For this upcoming holiday, lot of planning for me is queuing up. I need to settle everything related to my wedding preparation. Because after that, I’ll be at KL for my akad nikah and go to Kedah around 17 March 2011.

I’m currently also need to settle down the 3D visualization of Wireless network project, along with my research in Continuous Collision Detection and also with Blood Cell Recognition paper. Plus some programming in my Iphone apps development. Owh, before I’m almost forgot, I’m also need to design some poster/banner for INOTEK 2011.

To have an opportunity to do all this is a gift from Allah S.W.T., As a humble servant, we need to thank to Allah S.W.T. for give us opportunity to work and live to the fullest.

So, better to keep going do the good stuff you always do.

See ya and Happy Chinese New Year.


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