[Updated] Mac vs PC

Salam to all,

This article is about updating the previous article of Mac versus PC.

As you can ever imagine, owning a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is something that you ever want most.

Start price for Macbook is about RM3500 and above.

To compare PC and Macbook is also quite challenge now days where most of the company out there now is targeting for both platform.

In fact, Macbook OS which is MAC OS X something does not require any anti-virus for any worms and viruses from the thumbdrive or the internet. PC meanwhile, has various anti-virus software in the market that I found out that it is hard to determine which one is the best.

To compare, MAC OS X for your Macbook cannot perform CUT and PASTE. Got it?

Yes, MAC OS X can only do COPY and PASTE and not CUT and PASTE. This is only applicable for copy a file and paste it into the other area.Imagine your life without an ability to perform CUT and PASTE. For example, you have a pdf file that need to be transferred into the other folder. Then, without the ability to “cut” that file, you must perform COPY or DUPLICATE and the system will create a copy of that pdf file. You can only transfer the file after that. But now you need to delete the file from the previous folder to prevent multiple copy and waste of hard drive space.

Other differences for both system is regarding their mousepad. While most of the Laptop sucks at their Mouse Pad, Macbook Pro give us a little bit different Mouse Pad. Macbook mouse pad is so awesome that has various ability such as dragging, sliding to move from page to page (internet), and many other great stuff can be done using this great mouse pad.

Still, there is still a lot of stuff need to be discussed and wait for another round of this article.


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