Just Another Post

Salam to all,

It has been too long since the last time I wrote something in this so called blog website.

But again, another day has passed today and tomorrow, hopefully we all together still can breath in this world, created by Allah S.W.T. which is our Almighty God that gave us everything. Praise Him

To become excel in your way to your life ambition is something uncountable. Given the situation now, you might not be patient enough to wait what will happens in the future. Again, believe me, as a human, you will never satisfies with everything you ever dreamed. There is always a new ambition, new target to become success.

You will never catch it

But you will reach it.

Once you reach it, new target appear and it depends on you 100% whether to stay on the track or keep on improve yourself. For example, given a situation that you want to have a X6 BMW. Of course, as government officer, you may not be able to own it unless you have a business (legally under your wife/cousin name).

To own it, you begin to spark a way toward it. You might start to improve your business, keep develop your skills in communication to persuade people to buy your stuff. Give some talks and finally within a few years, you have that X6.

However, once you have reach that state, you begin to realize that there is another target or success story to begin. It is to maintain what you have been doing now, or keep on moving your business.

That is life, it depends totally on what you wants utmost in this world. If you believe that you want to become a good person in this world, for Allah S.W.T., for your mother and father, wife/husband, and the person that you love most, then plan to become good at it.

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