Again, Easy and Hard?

Assalamualaikum all, and very good morning

This morning, I would like to take an opportunity to write something about hard and easy or so call difficulty in your life.

BY definition, hard is something that cannot be done like normal and average people do. Same thing with easy, it is something that you can do it so simple and get it done quickly or maybe to the very fine level of work.

To be honest, there is nothing that is easy and hard in this word. It is just your imagination or acceptance level of your understanding for something in your life.

If you want to become good at it, just polish it (your skill) and you are ready to go and get the job done within a second.

But it you stick to your doubt (not to do it anymore), then your skill never go up and you end up frustrated and find it hard to do it. even though it is just a word.

Your mind is one of the powerful gift by Allah S.W.T.

Allah S.W.T. gave it to us in to make us think when we do something.

Never let your spirit goes down when something happened. Just go through it and think that it is going to become as easy as it looks.

I always keep saying that when it happened I have reached a wall that separate me from knowing the truth. So, I just keep hitting that wall until I breach it at the end. And you will find out it is great to know what is the other side of the wall that keeping you from knowing what next.

Believe me, nothing can become easy if you just don’t want to move yourself forward. From this two words, easy and hard, choosing easy is always the best choice and because of that, you will succeed and keep on having a successful story in your life.

Trust yourself when do something you never do. And once you keep hitting and doing it, the wall can finally be breached and the truth is revealed to you. And another level is wait for you.

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