How Apple fanboys will defend every decision Apple makes, even if they’re contradictory

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John Eusebio @ninjaroll

He said:-

iPhone doesn’t have multitasking
Fanboy: “Who needs multitasking on a phone?”
iPhone gets multitasking: “Greatest phone ever gets even better!”

iPhone doesn’t have front-facing camera
“Who would even use video-calling? It’s a waste of a feature.
iPhone gets front-facing cam
“Wow! Now with Face-time, it’s like i’m actually there!”

iPod nano plays video
“Thanks Apple. Now I have a cheap, effective video player to watch TV shows while I’m on a long trip.”
iPod nano removes video
“Thanks, Apple, for removing such a pointless, gimmicky feature like video playback. Btw, BRILLIANT of you to include multi-touch on a 1.5 inch screen with no buttons. You’re awesome!”

NO MATTER WHAT Apple does, these guys treat it like a stroke of genius that only Steve Jobs could create. Hell, most of these features were done before on other products, but to them it’s still a revolution.

I realize they’re in a vast minority, but it’s ridiculous the way these people do a total 180 as soon as a new feature is added.




Lol. It’s true.

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