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Today I would like to talk about how we are going to create a better life.

Have you ever felt that when you come over to the office 8 am in the morning, and then you are about to going through all day just like the previous day. Start at 8 am, you do all your teaching, emails something to the higher up management (about work), perform research, go eat during the lunch hour, and have a few laps of running at the field (might be 5 to 10 rounds).

Okay, how you are going to make it differences than any other days?

Actually, there is a way how to do this. Even though it is the same routine that you must undergo every single day, but it is not the same if you can change the content for that day.

For the first, you can change how fun it is to write an article that you have read into a single paragraph or two for your upcoming paper.

You can change the way of teaching your student by giving them a few examples that is related to real world application. Not just some basic lecture for each seassion. Make them stand up and ask questions. So, basically, the idea is to simulate the work environment with interesting stuff. Love the thing you always do.

The other secret is to keep on cheer up from the early morning that you come to the office until you going back to your house. No matter how hard the work and the stress, the communication and the lecture for today, keep your head up and think about the beautiful of life it is. You still can breath, earn your salary per month, have your wife and kids to talk about, or maybe your friends if you still did not married yet. So, threat it like an improvement for tomorrow work. Always keep on smiling no matter what happens. Better to ask forgiveness than to wait for forgiveness.

As for me, I always come to the office early money and write some article or maybe paper for 3 or 4 paragraph. And then at the same time trying to read few papers that suits your research or interest.

It is just the same having a running for every day. Let say, for everyday, you run for 5 laps or maybe 10 laps. After a few months, you begin to realize that you are bored to do the same thing over and over again. So, you begin to take a time per lap. You begin to keep track on your record. So, you joining local marathon or running tournament. This is interesting stuff because once you know that you are still not capable of improving your running skill. Hence, you keep on developing your skills and producing better time per lap. For example, my self improve for 1 minutes  for 1500 meters running. before this in year 2010, I just made only 7 minutes for 1.5 KM. after a year, I managed to improve it to 6 minutes only. World Cup tournament is 3 minutes and 27 seconds. Maybe I will try for 4 – 5 minutes of 1500 meters.

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