We walk the same path, but got on different shoes. And end up with the same target

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening,

We wall the same path, but we got on different shoes.

Some shoes are bigger, some shoes are longer, some shoes are dirty, some shoes are clean, some shoes are too shine, some shoes are too small but has a decorate flower on it, and some wear the sport shoes and some wear a corporate shoes.

But you have the same target at the end.

Same story goes on, even though are have the same title as your friend, a lecturer, but you walk on the different shoes. You car is not as good as you are.

You have four to five kids to feed while your friends does not have anything yet. But both of you got the same salary

You only have a small single storey house but your friend manage to have a double storey house (Semi-D).

You hardly have a nice sleep every day because you have a lot of research to do yet your friend have none but still both of you get the same salary.


Your life is never be the same as your friends. You have your own future to develop and your ambition to carry out. Be prepareed for yourself and don’t bother to wear the same shoes as others.

Why do you want to become like them if you can become “better” than them? Why do you want to become Albert Einstein while you can become more brilliant than him? It is not the same. You cannot be like them because every single person has their own expertise and their own philosophy. Once the legendary human has passed away, none will replaced them. All that is left is the future generation that will has their own legend to make. You have your own legend and be sure to spit it out. Make it worth and don’t waste time struggling to be exactly like other person. Your voice is not the same as other vocalist. You have your own way to do the stuff. Trust yourself and never give up. Don’t let other people make your mind to become astray.

All people in this poor world walk on the same path, but their obstacle is always different between each other.

Some might have a lot of money because they were born from the very rich family,

Some might have only have money just to survive because they were born from the poor family.

Why don’t Allah S.W.T. just make us born in rich family?

The answer:- To make sure people realize that the money that they have is to help each other and balance the world.

– To keep the daily life as moderate as possible –

You might have the same salary with your friends your life is never be the same as them.

On 2008, my father died because of the heart disease, from that time, I’ve realized that how quickly Allah S.W.T. can take over all we have without even a single delay. You begin to find that you are responsible son that need to carry on your late father legacy.

The important thing to highlight here is to always thankful to Allah S.W.T. for gave us a life for every single day. It is not about our wealth but it is our life that we are still capable to work and help people in this world. Just ask yourself, how many people do you help today? How many people that happy with you? What about your knowledge?

The only differences between these shoes is how well your perform your daily routine to Allah S.W.T.

Be thankful to Allah S.W.T. that your father and mother still exists in this world to cook, give some money to prepare your wedding, have someone to talk to, have a picture of your family all together and give you love.

For those whose their father or mother has been taken by Allah S.W.T., trust me that their death is to show how Allah S.W.T. love them. Even though you might have to do for yourself after this, you need to carry heavy burden, risen your younger sister or younger brother, prepare money for yourself,  Allah S.W.T. is there for you to pray. It will amplify yourself to become more mature and prepared.

Love them every single day. Talk and call them everyday if you can. Because once they are gone, you are gonna be missing them.

Al-Fatihah to our previous generation that has passed away.

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One thought on “We walk the same path, but got on different shoes. And end up with the same target

  1. I love this.. every sentences count different meanings. Life is not about yourself but its about how you interact with others, how you deal with your problem and Allah s.w.t..

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