Morning on Monday

Assalammualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all,

Just not much to say this morning but rather a short article about getting the day ahead of you in more fun way than the other day.

To start going to work on Monday is really something heavy after your short two days break.

But, you can still manage to carry out the fun that you have on the previous weekend by always planning ahead what you are going to do today and the rest of the remaining days until next weekend coming

That it is, if your plan is good enough, then you will find out that your first day of this week is not as bad as it looks.

It is just a starting point for your this week objective.

This is week object is to settle few stuff regarding my marriage ceremony. Every day, I have plan to do what and when. If my plan is success, I can manage what to do and save cost for several stuff. For example, this wednesday I will have a short course at Melaka town. So basically, I can go to AEON shopping complex to buy several stuff after that. So, you do not need to come to the shopping centre on the other day. Killing two birds with one stone.

So, always trying to smile when you come to the office and try to think about the stuff that you are going to make it fun for today. Maybe you are going to include some good jokes in your class or maybe trying to search at the internet about what you are going to watch and laugh while watching it.

Download few comics book to read because entertainment (in acceptable level) is required for the researcher to keep their head always in balance.

Hence, try to plan it out and InsyaAllah that your plan is going to be successful plan for every single day.

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