Kehidupan yang mendatang


After a few days without any entry, perhaps this one could make your day brighter and fresher.

I just want to write something about our daily life and the challenge on the future that might be surfaced.

Right now, the time shows 11.48 am, 4th April 2011, where I currently sitting in front at my desk, writing something.

Yesterday, me and my wife starts to clean up our rental house and it is quite fun having a person that will stay with your forever in this world and the after life.

Soon, might be after a few years, we will start having kids and the other fun also will be surfaced. Imagine you right now will undergo the phase or the walk of your mom and dad starting from you was born in this world until you are right now. Imagine how fast it could be and how sad your both mom and dad when you was getting married. Also, soon you are going to move to your own house and of course we are going to start miss them every single day.

Life is really great. Even right now I’m writing, I cannot stop thinking what next to happens and I don’t want to miss every single things that happens between my wife, our families, elders, relatives, friends and all people around us.

Life it is not about our work, It is the every seconds to your family that counts a lot. Because of that, family is the most important no matter what will happens to your work. You lose the job, you can always finds new one. But if you lose family, you are not going to have it back. Life is only once.

I having a fine and good life. With few research that I always like to do, some teachings, and some visiting to my research centre at Sabah. Back to our parents hometown. either my wife and myself. I always love to do this things.

So, to you guys out there, no matter what happens, always keep on smiling and don’t ever lose hope. Pray to the Almighty Allah S.W.T. and He will bless you with a good of health and lots more.

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