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Since it has been a long time before I wrote something down in this web blog style site. So, let write something about getting your work to be publicized for the benefits of our people.

At first, once your know that you want to share or to contribute something to the body of knowledge for your research that you have been doing for the past few years, you need to know a couple of things.

Getting publicize your work means that your work is going to be recognized, known, critics, loved, and commented by most of the people in your research area or the people that have known you.

Imagine you want to share your opinion regarding others decision that has been made in their article or want to comment something from the local newspaper, all people might have different ideas or different thinking that might love or critic your way of thinking.

Let say your introduce some new algorithms from your research, and someone which is an expert in your area found that your publication is not worth enough to get attention from other researchers. Our contribution might be small but at least you have found something that spark the beginning of the bigger one. Never lets the critics from the expert makes your thinking goes down. Just take it positively and try to work hard. Make it as an avalanche to start move the mountain.

Don’t ever afraid to put something in your blog if you think that your opinion is good and just want to share your thought about some research or news. Be humble and always take comments from all your readers as positive as possible. You need to learn how to get the response from all these people in order to get to known whether your thinking in giving some opinion based on your knowledge is good enough.

In order to publicize your work, make sure to always read a lot and discuss with your fellow facebook friends about the idea and how you are going to comments about some article or research article.

Always trust your instinct when you do something and Allah will always guide us. Pray that your article will have good response and help others in their way of life. Share is a great things and always try to share your thought with others. You might helped others to realize their roles in this life.

That is for today. It is 3.41 am here in Malacca. Saturday morning. going to marking some assignments after this and few codings

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