Different than any other people

Assalammualaikum W.R.T., and good morning

It’s been a while since I write something in English and tonight (actually it already early morning May 21, 2011) I’m going to write something about being different than any other people.

Being different is something unique that you must have in yourself. It is not something that most people do and believe.

For example, taking a risk by continuing your study in higher degree by yourself might have a very big challenge in term of money, time and commitment.

You have the same earning as your friend but you have an extra work to do.

Imagine, every semester you must pay certain amount of money either by using KWSP money or your saving money just to pay the every semester fee and travel expense. It is not something that normal people do but some people brave enough to do it. Congratulation for those who actually in the middle of furthering their study just for the sake of getting knowledge because of Allah S.W.T.

Some of them might afraid of getting tough action from the higher management that might found that you are furthering your study without telling them. But, as a human, you must make sure to face it no matter what happens.

As for me, I always take risk as a positive thing that could actually discipline myself from being a normal person.I’m willing to go higher above the ground and no matter what happens, no one could ever lift my future ambition = is to gain as much as knowledge in my field and contribute to the community, telling them the truth, keep on updating real facts and information.

It is just the same with your daily life. Every day, risk is something that you must always walk past through it. I’m not afraid of doing what I want at most as long as I can perfectly balanced between my real work and my study.

I never let my ambition be taken away by some other people and I’m willing to take for granted for the right thing that I do and I did.

Since I’ve married, my life become more happier than before and my wife and both families always become my biggest supportive.

To the people out there, always trust yourself and never let somebody block your ambition and tell you what to do.

Always made yourself tell what to do and do what you always wants (as long it follows Islam guidelines)

Don’t be a normal people but remember to become the  great leader of yourself.

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