Friday 3th June 2011

Assalammualaikum and Good Early Morning,

Wow, it has been a 12 days without any internet access and I was so bored during my induksi since all days packed with activities and lectures. But, to get a status as confirmed staff, I need to go through that 12 days without any hesitation.

So, after the Induksi completed yesterday, I went straight home to my mother in law house to see my beloved wife that I’m missed so much. Then, I checked my emails and responses to them and luckily out of 100++ emails that I’ve received, only less than 10 need a proper reply. So, no need to panic.

But the things is, I’ve already received my latest Diploma teaching schedule for Engineering Mathematics subject. It is two section, which is one is for third year diploma student and the other is second year diploma student. So, the total section that I’ currently teach right now is:-


2) DACS 2212 – 3 DEN, 2 DEN

Total of 5 sections!!

Seriously, this could be a benefit to me to get to DS52 as soon as possible but the truth is that it maybe requires a lot of my precious time of doing teaching instead of research. It is not 50-50 anymore but perhaps 80-20 (80 percent is for teaching and 20 percent is for research and development)

But, this is the time to show that you are capable to handle any task given by the department as it is something that the reward is higher than any other career.

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