Mari kita menembus pertahanan Israel!!!

Assalammualaikum to all,

Today, one of my friends posted a news from that US activists is prepared to break through the Israel defense/blockade on Gaza.

As we all know, it is interesting move and so that every person in this world know how Israel has been take over the Palestinian country inch by inch every single day.

So, let us lend our help from here in Malaysia by giving hand with anything we can to help them who help to free Palestinian people from Israel power.

Some portion from the news

The organizing for an American boat to join the flotilla began a year ago. Ten days after Israeli forces killed nine activists aboard the Turkish Mavi Marmara ship seeking to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza on 31 May 2010, hundreds of people streamed into a Manhattan church basement for a report on the attack. The one question on everyone’s minds was: “What could we do next?”

The event featured Ann Wright, a former US army colonel who resigned from her State Department post in 2003 to protest the Iraq war, and Adam Shapiro, a co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement. Wright, who had just described her experience on board the US-flagged Challenger boat that was part of the international Gaza Freedom Flotilla, gave the answer: organize a boat filled with American passengers and join the next flotilla to break the blockade.

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