How to enter the blocked site [Just For Fun]

Assalammualaikum to all,

I would like to help you guys to properly go through the blocked site due to some restrictions that might be set up by somebody or anyone that might block it. For A MACBOOK OS User. This is for fun and just to browsing and well… for fun.hahaha

SO, you might connected to a network but it happened that the user or the owner of the network does not know how to bypass that and now you cannot do anything. But no worries, now it is time to set it up on your mac. and get it through. yeah!!!

So, At first, go to the System Prefences

Then, Please click at the Network

After that, you will arrive at your wireless network that you are currently connected and click advanced

Once you have clicked that Advanced.. button, just click the DNS button above

Wow, now it is time to change the DNS and add these two DNS. Actually it is Google Free DNS.

You also can have your own buy DNS from the outside let say :



And Thousands more.

So, be happy and no worries

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