Kuantan 2nd Day : Beach, Presentation and Beach Again


Yep, another day to spend at Kuantan, exciting holiday so far with my wife. So, here the pics

This is at one of the steamboat restaurant in Kuantan, which is Sriaffa, located near the Seri Malaysia Hotel. Actually this photo and few photos after this were taken before the 2nd day

Chocolate Ice Blended

Sirap Bandung Special

Mee and Meehon, Eggs, Chilies

Some vegetables


Tomyam and Soup



——————–Day 2 Started———————-

Beach located near to our chalet. It is wonderful when you have a house located near the beach. That is why some people wants to have a house near the beach because they love the beach

The wave from the sea and the sand

Panorama view – Combine all these three photos



——-Presentation time at UMP Gambang——–

This guy explaining something related to the concurrency and the principal of parallelism. He just used some modeling and not the real implementation yet to the core. I was asking for why not using some GPU card to accelerate the process because we can take advantage of the GPU core by using either CUDA programming style or OPENCL programming CL.

After this guy, it is my turn to present

Presentation of my research project

Explain the technique

When the chairperson asked a question regarding the triangle midpoint calculation



——— East Coast Mall Kuantan located near the Stadium Makmur Kuantan———

At East Coast Mall, Kuantan

East at Mama Chop Papa Grill, East Coast Mall

Lamb Chop

Dessert (Banana Fritters)for 2nd day



——— at Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan———

It is nice to visit this place after 9 years ago, Some minor modification I think has been done but at the end, this beach bring back a lot of nostalgia back then. I’ve used to stay here when I was trespassed from the hostel to the beach. hahaha sure bring back a lot of memories.

Well, it is time to go back to the chalet. Nice to go here, Teluk Cempedak. See ya next time

That it is for 2nd day, Be prepared for the 3rd day, I’m 100% sure that It is gonna be interesting than the day before

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