Research and Teaching


Today, let us discuss something that is not related to the previous posts. Lets talk about research and teaching

Actually, I’ve been burden with a lot of teaching and seriously I’m a little bit struggling to do both teaching and research.

With two research reports that must be submitted before the end of this month, and a research grant to be corrected before the end of this week, plus a final exam for the Engineering Mathematics subject, I’ve to do all that.

So, perhaps it is time for me to take care of my research after been hiatus status for almost a few months.LOL.

I’m going to make sure that I will always prepared for the teaching from Monday to Friday (for next week teaching), and at the same time try to find any related works about my research on the net. So, I will use my 8 to 5 every work day to do this. On the weekend, During the free time I will stay up and work for my research. Of course, every week I’ve chosen just two days for me to stay up from 2 am until 5 am.

Writing paper is also another task to complete. Right now, two papers need to be written. One of them is for Computer Games conference which is more on the development of my research method while the other one is for the some sort of review with few experiments (with analysis too).

Perhaps you guys can suggest to me an idea about any computer graphics and visualization idea for upcoming paper.


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