Decision is never tough to make


You are planning to do something or maybe to choose something from various of activities or things

But the things that has prevent you from making right decision is to make a so called “Perfect Decision”

You might want to make “a fair decision for everybody”.



Human is just too complicated to understand and whatever decision you have made, you will just satisfy one group of people only and not all human being.

This is the truth

When we begin and understand that only Allah S.W.T. can bring the only justice and PERFECT DECISION to human, then we begin to realize how weak we are compared to the Allah S.W.T.

However, we must be able to do as close as possible so called “Decision” in our life even though it will never perfect to everybody.

You will learn from mistakes and then do the revise version of your decision

Group of people that begin to accept your decision will grow bigger every single day based on the experience and knowledge that you have seek

And we must to accept we can only make that group of people bigger and not to the point of “all human being”

Nothing wrong by making wrong decision.

If everybody begin to realize it, then nothing harm could happens if you do something wrong.

Let us take an example,

If you drive faster in the road and exceeding speed limit. Then you get caught in police camera and you need to pay RM150/Rm300 fine.

However, sometime you need to get to the place faster than everyone else in case there is an emergency but with bad lucks, you get caught.

You might thinking it is unfair but that is just a rule made by few humans.

They are just human being that make mistakes.

So, never mind if you need pay a fine since you can wait for another world to claim back what is yours.

For me, I think who ever that made that rules, that person or group of people will be responsible if they are the one that make mistakes.

I don’t care if I need to pay a fine but if I’m not done anything wrong so I will definitely seek it in front of Allah S.W.T. in after world.

True justice only with Allah S.W.T.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 7.26 am

Published by razorjr

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