Life meaning and next target

Saya merasakan lagi bagus saya bangun seawal subuh dan kemudian berjogging tempat2 biasa saya jogging dari perlu bangun seawal pagi buta ataupun tempah hotel untuk larian berbayar.

Saya mula merasakan mungkin “You dont have to subscribe it all through all running event every week or every month”

Rasa macam dah penat pulak asyik nak bersedia untuk lari sedangkan boleh sahaja bangun seperti biasa dan lari sekeliling dalam tempoh 15-30 minit sudah memadai.

Maybe I should focus on how to make my life better with good health and just subscribing few events each year.

I also love to do programming back in my younger years. 

I also have my Phantom 4 drone and still dont know what to do with it.

Also have a lot of PC games and PS4 games and still havent complete almost all the games.

Cuma satu yang saya rasa amat tidak menjemukan bila melihatnya iaitu melihat orang sekeliling gembira termasuk keluarga, rakan2 dan yg mengenali2 diri ini dengan aktif dalam syarikat, NGO, dan persatuan.

It makes me feel good when I helped somebody or be associated with society or NGO.

Now I am concentrating on my new game simulation project together with my friends (just a three man setup right now with a big dream). It is still in Non-Alpha yet but it is soon to be released as Alpha version. 

It is a project called RevoNext Project that it will takes a plan with 5-10 years of duration. It is an open world game with massive landscape of our culture.

Im hoping it will shape our games creation culture in Malaysia for serious games compared to just asset creation companies.

Well hopefully it will goes well soon. 

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