Teaching Semester 2-2010/2011

[BENH 1253] Updated May 03, 2011 4.13 pm:-

1. Goodluck in your final exam. Please click below link for your assignment solution. Thank you. Dropbox is a good application for storing your data online though.


[BENH1253] Updated April 26, 2011 5.45 am:-

1. Saya sudah letakkan markah terkumpul kamu semua di SMP, Sila Rujuk SINI untuk markah 50% kamu.

2. Selamat berjaya dalam peperiksaan akhir bagi subjek BENH 1253 : Persamaan Pembezaan. Semoga usaha dan doa yang dibuat mendatangkan hasil. InsyaAllah.

[BENH1253] Updated April 20, 2011 6.56 am:-

1. Ini beberapa contoh soalan beserta jawapan untuk Differential Equations. Semuanya material pada tahun lepas yang amat berguna pada kamu semua (Tiada Partial Differential Equations untuk Diploma SAHAJA, tetapi untuk kamu, Degree ada = Boleh digunakan untuk study bab 1,2,3, dan 4. Chapter 5 study dari sumber lain):-

a) Soalan Final Tahun lepas Beserta Skema

b) Soalan Test Tahun Lepas beserta skema

c) Soalan Assignment Yang Tahun Lepas Bahagian 1

d) Soalan Assignment Yang Tahun Lepas Bahagian 2

e) Tips how to excel in your Differential Equations/Other Subjects too

[BENH1253] Updated April 19, 2011 5.05 pm:-

1. Saya dah kemaskini markah terkumpul kamu (50 peratus). Saya juga telah tampal di bahagian ruang markah papan biru (Board yang warna biru yang ada nama saya) berdekatan mesin photostat.

[BENH1253] Updated April 18, 2011 4.23 pm:-

1. Anda semua boleh melihat markah carrymark 50% (Belum Difinalize lagi, selepas difinalize akan lebih baik, InsyaALLAH).CLICK HERE

2. Semoga berjaya ketika Final. Usaha bersungguh-sungguh.

[BENH1253] Updated April 13, 2011 2.11 pm:-


2. Please send before the end of this week. Once I’ve completed marks all the assignment, you guys can pick up and make some correction and send back all question with answered (just do correction on the wrong parts) to me, at max one day before the final exam.

3. Do not take it back your assignment yet because your assignment is going to be audited. Please send back to me.

4. Do a lot of exercises for your Differential Equations.

5. Any questions please come to my room or leave a message if I’m not available during that time.

[BENH1253] Updated April 04, 2011 3.01 pm:-

1. I’ve completed marking some of you that sent assignment already. You guys can view it HERE2

2. Please make sure to send all you members name into one compiled document. Because there is a group that send just saying “[name] dan rakan-rakan”.

3. We will be having a revision for two weeks. Just few questions and solve it. Just like tutorial session. But a little bit of discussing something.

[BENH1253] Updated April 01, 2011 1.25 am:-

1. Welcome back after my absent for 2 weeks. Btw, the wedding went smooth and now it is time for our subject. I’ve uploaded few stuff that you guys can download and give some attention for these materials.

2. Download Below:-

Chapter Fourier version 5 (new version and updated)

Some previous teaching revision questions with answer scheme

3. And please send your assignment at least before end of week 14 (8 April 2011) at 5.00 pm

4. Send your assignment in group (8 person maximum ) with all 8 questions answered. Send in group not in individual.

5. Please find a day for some revision study.

[BENH1253] Updated March 10, 2011 12.22 pm:-

1. You now can also access http://ulearn.utem.edu.my/claroline/course/index.php?cid=BENH1253_001 which is our course materials can be accessed there. However, some materials must be found here first. At Ulearn I’ve just put the resources to download. Thank you.

2. Unfortunately, There is no class for 2 weeks except Tutorial Class (NO lecture). You guys will just have a normal tutorial session with Mr. Khanapiah. Thank you. We will see each other back (normal class) starting on 28 March 2011. So, our replacement class is going to be around End of March or early April 2011. Most probably night class because all class is full in the morning and evening from 8 am to 5 pm.

[BENH1253] Updated March 09, 2011 6.19 pm:-

1. You guys can now collect your paper at my office during office hour and I will also put it outside after office hour.

2. Download Partial Differential Equations v2 where in this slide, I put really detailed information about solving PDE. DOWNLOAD HERE or you could go to Differential Equations Tab

[BENH1253] Updated March 08, 2011 11.30 pm:-

1. I’ve uploaded the Test 1 Result (Marks). By Matric ID. Click Here or just hover over the Teaching Tab, select DE, select Markah(DE).

[BENH1253] Updated March 07, 2011 11.13 am:-

1. Guys, Download the Test Answer Scheme Here.

2. I hope you guys can also go to the DACS 2222 folder located HERE. A lot of tutorial with answer I’ve put it there. Since DACS 2222 is also Differential Equations, just without PDE. The rest is exactly the same content.

[BENH1253] Updated March 06, 2011 4.32 pm:-

1. Tomorrow – Monday March 07, 2011, you guys that absent during the 28th Test, will taken a test. So better be prepared

2. This week, I will be covering half of PDE chapter. Trust me, you might be bored but rest assured that I will include all materials for you to download and  study. Just download it from this site (my website).

3. I have planned for your guys regarding the two weeks that will be covered by Mr. Khanapiah:-

March 14 – 19, 2011 – 1st/2nd Order Tough Revision

March 21 – 25, 2011 – Laplace/Fourier Tough Revision

–  Give your two hours to solve the problem – Group Discussion in class to come out with an answer

– Each class will arrived with 5 questions, Four of them is just an ordinary questions, will the last one is tough question that you need to discuss and give feedback to Mr. Khanapiah during the class hour

[BENH1253] Updated March 05, 2011 8.34 am:-

1. Guys, you can access my previous notes and exercises from this SkyDriv Folder:-


It has a lot of notes and exercises with answers.

[BENH1253] Updated March 04, 2011 9.34 pm :-

Actually, I want to say a few things about Differential Equations. After we have done the 20% test last monday (28 february), I’m quite unhappy with the result. So here the advice:-

a) Always do at least 1 chapter tutorial for every week. Let say for this week, you are targeting to do chapter 3 (Laplace) revision.

b) Do Math and DO NOT READ MATH.

c) Always know few trick to answer the questions. For example cos 0 = 1, and sin 0 = 0

d) Create a study group

[BENH1253] Updated March 03, 2011 1.23 pm (LATEST UPDATED):-

1. Please take note that TEST FOR THOSE WHO HAS CONVOCATION will be on:-

All course (BENE, BENT, BENW, BENC)

March 07, 2011 (From 8 AM – 9 AM )

At Bilik Kuliah 5

[BENH1253] Updated March 01, 2011 12.47 am:-

1. Im currently finished marking all BENW sections. But wait for the mark to be appeared in this site.

2. BENC please wait, I will do it tomorrow. Right now is time to do some of my research (1.00 Am – 5.00 Am)

3. We will be having normal class on:-

BENW – Thursday – February 03, 2011 (From 8.00 – 11.00 pm)

BENC – Friday – February 04, 2011 (From 9.00 – 10.00 am)

BENC – Monday – February 07, 2011 (From 4.00 – 6.00 pm)

BENW – Thursday – February 10, 2011 (From 8.00 pm – 11.00pm)

BENC – Friday – February 11, 2011 (From 9.00 am – 10.00 am)

After that, From 14 March 2011 – 25 March 2011 (You will be having class with Mr. Khanapiah)

But he will only do some revision because we are going to have extra class to replace that two weeks class. So, expect that we are having normal class until end of semester (week before final exam is the last class) – Will decide extra/replace class later.

[BENH1253] Updated February 28, 2011 10.29 am:-

1. Pengajaran adalah seperti biasa dari 28 February 2011 hingga 11 March 2011.

2. Terima kasih atas kehadiran anda semasa sesi ujian sebentar tadi.

[BENH1253] Updated February 28, 2011 7.40 am:-

1. For this test, you cannot bring any formula.

2. Same goes to Final Exam. I don’t even know if the formula is given during the final exam. But I will try to confirm back with Dr. Yosza. Unlucky for you that I’m not the fully in charge of Differential Equations. But you are also lucky because you can remember a lot of stuff about Differential Equations. Try your best to answer both test and Final Exam. Goodluck again. (At the time I’ve finished written all this, you might be sitting in the Bilik Kuliah waiting to answer the test question)

[BENH1253] Updated February 27, 2011 7.14 pm:-

Good Luck for your test tomorrow. Remember to keep doing exercises. Better prepare and soon you will know how far your knowledge in this Differential Equation. DE is important and has brought powerful contribution any engineering field including Electronic, Electrical and Computer Science.

[BENH1253] Updated February 24, 2011 12.45 pm:-

1. Chapter 4 (Or you can grab it at DE page) – Fourier Download Now!! Version 2 Updated

2. Please make sure to give me your name during today class (BENC) and tomorrow class (BENW) if you cannot attend this Monday Test (28th february 2011) . We will arrange alternative test for those who cannot attend this 28th Feb Test. Most likely to be around End of March

3. Assignment – Please Download Assignment Attachment here and follow the guideline provided

– Assignment must be submitted to Mr. Khanapiah before 18 march 2011 (3.30 pm Friday)

– Follow the instruction inside the Assignment Attachment

[BENH1253] Updated February 23, 2011 1.22 pm:-


Date : 28th February 2011

Time : 7.45 am (MORNING) until 8.45 am (MORNING)

Day : Monday

Place : BK 7,8,9,11,12,13,15,16 (Please make sure you know where you Bilik Kuliah – Mr. Khanapiah will arrange your name)

* To those who cannot take this test due to something more important, please state your name to me.

2. Laplace Table is not going to be provided, you need at least to know how the basic one. Please remember the basic one, the ‘t’, ‘e^t’, sin at, kos at, Transform of derivaties, integrals, and periodic functions.

3. Chapter 2: You must also remember how to do Method of Undertemined Cooefficient Or Method of Variation of Parameters.

4. Please, do a lot of exercises in Chap 2 and 3 either with your friends or yourself.

[BENH1253] Updated February 20, 2011 11.20 am:-

1. Kelas akan diadakan secara normal (mengikut jadual) dari hari esok 21 Feb 2011 sehinggalah penghujung sesi pengajaran.

2. Sesi pengkuliahan akan tetap dijalankan pada 13 March 2011 hingga 25 March 2011 (tempoh dua minggu tersebut) kerana Encik Khanapiah akan mengambil alih sesi pengkuliahan.

3. Tarikh Test belum confirm. Akan diumumkan dari semasa ke semasa. Tetapi tidak pada minggu hadapan (21 Feb-25Feb 2011).

4. Sila email saya (asyrani@utem.edu.my) sebarang masalah/ atau telefon/msg saya. Terima Kasih

5. Minggu 21 – 25 Feb – Fourier Sesi 1

6. Minggu 28 Feb – 4 March – Fourier Sesi 2

[BENH1253] Updated February 15, 2011 2.33 pm:-

1. You guys can now download Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 my self making powerpoint notes for Differential Equations. Wow, took me more than few hours to complete these 2 chapters.

Chapter 3 – Laplace Download Now!!

Chapter 4 – Fourier Download Now!!

[BENH1253] Updated February 15, 2011 5.29 am:-

1. You guys now can download my Laplace Example Questions Set HERE. Or Directly go to Differential Equation Page. Please take note that not all question is covered in my slide, you still need to refer text book and that lecture note.

2. We will having a normal class for Both BENC and BENW from now until 11 March 2011 under myself. However, starting from 15 March 2011 until 27 March 2011. Both BENC and BENW will be taken over by my friend, Mr Khanapiah (Lecture and Tutorial). He will be teaching last topic.

3. Any question please don’t hesistate to email me at asyrani@utem.edu.my. Put [Class] – (Topic) as your email subject. For example

[BENW] – Laplace Regarding

4. I will prepare slide for Fourier for next week teaching. I will upload it around this weekend. Hopefully.

[BENH1253] Updated January 28, 2011 12.44 am:-

1. I’ll uploading the Laplace chapter within this Chinese New Year.

2. For BENW students, there is no class between 7 until 13th February 2011 because I’m not available from 8 to 5 pm.

3. For BENC students, class is still on Thursday 8.00 pm (Lucky that your class is from 8 pm to 11 pm and not during working hour)

4. Class for BENW will be resumed on the following week (14th February onwards)

5. Please always do a lot of exercises.

6. Wait for more materials to upload.

[BENH1253] Updated January 21, 2011 8.29 am:-

1. Guys, sorry for I’ve made you waiting for Chapter Two to be uploaded. Here the Chapter 2 – Click Here to Download or you could just go to Differential Equations Section.

2. Class for BENC is going to be moved to Bilik Kuliah 2, FKEKK. Starting next week (27 January 2011). Because that room has an air conditional not like the BK4.

[BENH1253] Updated January 17, 2011 9.44 pm:-

1. Class BENW for tomorrow Tuesday from 9.00 am till 10.00 am cannot be made. We back to original day , Friday 9.00 am till 10.00 am

[BENH1253] Updated January 17, 2011 2.41 pm:-

1. You guys now can also access course materials from the Elearning Website:-

Differential Equations Class E-Learning.

The same notes/tutorials/etc will be dumped there.

[BENH1253] Updated January 15, 2011 10.37 Am:-

1. BENC Class starting on 20th January 2011 (Thursday) is going to be held at Bilik Kuliah 4, FKEKK. TIme :- 8.00 – 11.00 PM

2. BENW Class for Friday will be moved to Tuesday, 9.00 AM – 10.00 AM.

3. Next week, I’ll be teaching Chapter 2: 2nd Order DE. And maybe there is a quiz during your tutorial session.

4. I will upload current version of Linear and Exact Eq powerpoint slides.

[BENH1253] Updated January 13, 2011 11.37 Am:-

1. Our first modul of Differential Equation has been published as a book and now grab it at Dr. Yosza room for only RM11.

2. Reminder – For those who want to buy a Differential Equations by Dennis G Zill, Please take a note that this book is really good but it DOES NOT HAVE FOURIER AND PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. So better you guys take it into consideration and just let you guys share to buy the book. For the others topic, this book is marvelous. It just doesn’t have Fourier and PDE.

3. SO, just spend RM11 and buy the Modul. at Dr. Yosza room. Not in my room .

[BENH1253] Updated January 10, 2011 8.15 Pm:-

1. In order to master chapter 1 of First Order Differential Equation. Please do follow all the steps given to solve the problem. You don’t need to remember all stuff, but the important elements of it. If you can actually do a lot of exercises, then you can easily answer the question.

2. Next week, we will further move into Second Chapter of Differential Equation. 2nd Order Differential Equation.

3. End of this week, I will upload the 2nd chapter of DE – 2nd Order DE : Method of Undetermined Coefficient and Variation of Parameters

[BENH1253] Updated January 7, 2011 12.32 am:-

1. The correct solution for Exercise Separable Equation in DE class last night (8-11 PM class at BK 4 FKE), can be downloaded at Differential Equation section under Tutorial topic. Actually it is easy to solve it when you have the right table and calculator. I’ve provided you the table:-

1.1 Download the Integration Table and Identities Table at Differential Equation section under My Notes

2. BENC class will be moved to Bilik Kuliah 4 at Faculty of Electrical.

3. Please always keep on track with the latest update in this website/section. Thank you.

[BENH1253] Updated January 5, 2011 9.56 am:-

1. Several videos uploaded and referred. Please go to DE section. And for those who want to have a collection of Differential Equation (DE) video, you might come to my room at F 1/1 Bilik Jurutera Pengajar. Only take space around 555 MB. Or you guys can download it HERE

[BENH1253] Updated January 5, 2011 6.01 am:-

1. Reason why you should buy the textbook (RM55 Only)

– Notes is understandable for range of student

– Lot of exercises with solution for every odd number questions

– All example and notes is elaborated in simple manner

– Believe me, it is great to own this text book even though it cost you RM55. It’s worthy

So, what are you waiting for. Grab it at the local store or directly go to Dr. Yosza room. Just RM55.

[BENH1253] Updated January 4, 2011 11.44 am:-

1. For group members, there  is a slightly changes for the total members in your group. I need you guys to have AT LEAST 5 MEMBERS AND THE MAXIMUM OF 7 MEMBERS in your group.

2. Please send me an email for your group name in case you guys has not submitted yet to me during class hour. Both BENW and BENC must have a group.

[BENH1253] Updated January 3, 2011  8.25 pm:-

I have uploaded several slide for DE.

You can either click below or go to DE section

1. Basic Introduction of DE

2. Separable DE

2.1 Homogeneous DE

3. Linear DE

4. Exact DE

[BENH 1253] Updated January 3rd, 2011 8.36 AM:-

1. I have uploaded the teaching plan. Go to Differential Equation section or just CLICK HERE

[BENH 1253] Updated December 31, 2010 3.42 PM:-

1) SkyDrive Folder has been created!!!. CLICK HERE

[BENH 1253] Updated December 31, 2010 3.26 PM:-

1) You guys can now download the PowerPoint slide at Differential Equation section. However, any news will be out through here. The DE section is just for notes, exercises, tutorials, assignment in PDF, answer scheme for your quizzes, test answer scheme. All will be out after the specific events.

2) Come often this site any updated news. You might surprise with the notes that has been given.

3) Old Notes, Test, Tutorials can be found here (CLICK HERE). Please be careful as this materials are for Diploma student. So, expect Partial DE in your Bachelor teaching plan. New Folder for you guys will be BENH 1253

[GENERAL]Updated December 3, 2010 9.14 Pm:-

You guys can go to Achieved page for my previous note of this page because I’ve already moved it .

Currently I’m preparing for next semester teaching which is Differential Equations

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