My Research Summary:-

Currently I’m involved in multi-dicipline research work but the major research work is on Collision Detection Algorithm (Discrete and Continuous) for Three-Dimensional (3D) object for virtual environment. The fast and accurate collision detection algorithm is very essential especially for computer games and medical simulation where the object must precisely detect any potential of colliding 3d objects within a reasonable speed. The process of collision detection consists of two main parts, broad phase collision detection and narrow phase collision detection. For the broad phase collision detection, most researcher and programmer used Bounding-Volume to compute the first time of contact. Then, the narrow phase collision detection will take over and performing primitive-primitive object testing. Some might use separating axis theorem for discrete CD while Gilbert Johnson Kerthi (GJK) algorithm for continuous collision detection. Both can be applied for convex and non-convex type of objects. However, I’m concentrating in developing a new algorithm that exploit the usability of GJK algorithm for continuous collision detection using Bounding-Volume Hierarchies.

2011 – 2015 Doctor in Philosophy (Mathematic with Computer Graphics), Faculty of Science and Natural Resources, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
Specialize in Distance Computation Algorithm for Collision Detection in Virtual Environment Application
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Bade (Deputy Dean FSSA, UMS)
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mohd Harun Bin Abdullah (Vice Chancellor FSSA, UMS)

2008 – 2010 Master of Science (Computer Science) by Research
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKSM),
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Johor, Malaysia
Thesis Title: Spatial Object Median Rules in Bounding-Volume Hierarchies for Complex Environments
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Bade
Co-Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Daut Daman
Co-Supervisor 2: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Shahrizal Sunar

2004 – 2007 Bachelor of Engineering (Computer)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE),
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Johor, Malaysia. Final Year project – “Basic Compiler for PIC18F and PIC16F using Programmable Logic Controller”.
Supervisor: En. Zulfakar Aspar

1 PJP/2010/FKEKK (1D)/S00672Development Of Embedded Router With Adaptive Control For Wireless Cognitive Network SHORT TERM (Co-Principal) – UTeM
2 PJP/2010/FKEKK (40D)/S00780Blood Cell Recognition System Using Recursive Least Square Algorithm SHORT TERM (Co-Principal) – UTeM
3 PJP/2010/FKEKK(12D)/S006833d Visualization Of Wireless Cognitive Network Coverage Using High Performance Computing SHORT TERM (Principal) – UTeM
4 PJP/2010/FKEKK(15D)/S00709User Location Estimation System For Wireless Cognitive Network SHORT TERM (Co-Principal) – UTeM
5 PJP/2010/FKEKK(43E)/S00783Discrete Collision Detection In High Performance Computing (Gpu Acceleration System) SHORT TERM (Principal) – UTeM
6 PJP/2011/FKEKK(22A)/S00903Continuous Collision Detection Method For Virtual Heritage Environment Using Local Advancement System SHORT TERM (Principal) – UTeM
7 PJP/2011/FKEKK(42B)/S00974Deployment And Performance Analysis Of Wifi Network SHORT TERM (Co-Principal) – UTeM
8 PJP/2011/FKEKK(8C)/S00842An Electromagnetic Field Effect On A Human Cell SHORT TERM (Co-Principal) – UTeM
9 PJP/2012/FKEKK(2D)/S01003The Development Of A Hierarchical Heterogeneous Bounding Volumes Tool For Detecting Object Interference In Virtual Reality Simulation SHORT TERM (Principal) – UTeM
10 PJP/2012/FKEKK(45C)/S01050Customizable Assembler Design For Utemriscii Processor SHORT TERM (Principal) – UTeM
11 PJP/2013/FKEKK(15A)/S01199A Novel Approach for Distance Computation Algorithm using Algebraic Equations for Convex Polyhedra in 3D Virtual Medical Simulation SHORT TERM (Principal) – UTeM
12 PJP/2013/FKEKK(3C)/S01135Compact 10 GHz Distributed Band Pass Filter Using Cascade Strip-Line Resonator with Dumbbell Defected Ground Structure (DGS) for Radar Applications SHORT TERM (Co-Principal) – UTeM
13 PJP/2013/FKEKK(9D)/S01172Detect Cholesterol Presence Using Unintrusive Method SHORT TERM (Co-Principal) – UTeM
14 MTUN/2012/UTeM-FKEKK/5 M00013Microwave Transmission-Friendly E-Saving Glass CoE-MTUN (Co-Principal)
15 PJP/2013/FTMK(18B)/S01233Visualizing Temporal Uncertainty for Historical Building through Augmented Reality SHORT TERM (Co-Principal) – UTeM
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