Put your life at risk

Assalammualaikum to all,

Today, let us talk about putting your life at risk for something that is really important to you.

When you are not in the line with others, you might surprise that it is quite tough to stay different than any other person in your workplace.

Imagine everyone is somehow follow the same routine for every single rules that is specially designed for you but you have an extra work due to the ambition that you have in your heart and mind.

If you ask my opinion, as long as you can satisfies the person who are currently working with, then it is ok for you to continue catch your dream.


Because you have successfully doing a great work for every single day you come to the office and contribute to them. Then, there is no reason for you to stay on the same track just like every was doing in the past.

How can you life have been the same just like everyone else? Do you want to feel different in other way? If you don’t really like the risk, then you should not carry on your dream.

Nothing in this world could prevent you from being what you want to be. Of course there are few risks that you need to analyze and further look into it but as long as you stay cool and great, then it will be great for you to catch you dream and do what ever you like.

Just like what what I’m currently doing and what is few of my friends did. Some write comics, some continue their study using their own money, some have small company, and many others. All of them are pursuing their own dream without getting lost with their work.

So, in my opinion again, nothing bad will happens to you as long as you satisfies both parties (you and your company that you are currently working with).

But if one of them is in disastrous situation, then it is not OK.

That it is for today. Thanks.

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