Azam Tahun Baru Hijrah 1433


For this year of 1433 Hijrah, I have quite few targets that I am going to achieve until the next Hijrah year. As usual, it is not a big thing for someone out there that have no obstacle at all to achieve my target. For a normal person like me,  I would like to stay calm and steady to continue pursue my targets.

First for my personal and family, I would like to settle down or at least cut down few expense that is not necessary for me as I will having my first child within few months from now. So, it’s better for me to stay focus on budget tighter than the previous year. Better prevent than cure isn’t it?

Then, I will try my best to prepare everything to my soon to born child and her mother as for the comfort and safety.

As for my career, an improvement compared to the previous year. Trying to have at least one journal in any Journal Publication that  has an Impact Factor. Or maybe at least two journals in the not-quite-an-impact-factor Journal Publication. And with at least six(6) publications in the local or international conferences. I’m targeting for CASA 2012 (Singapore) and CGI 2012 (UK)

Of course for my “education”, trying my best to create a good proposal and submit it for the first proposal. Hopefully will get accepted and then proceed with a FRGS or ERGS or E-Science Fund. I will try my best to do it and get the grant so it can be used for my expense for stuff and going for conferences.

Almost every months I have prepared at least one conference or short course or special holiday including Hari Raya, etc. So much exciting stuff will happens every months and that is how me and my wife will enjoy it every precious month.

So, that is the major breakdown of my “duniawi” target. For the “akhirat” stuff, InsyaAllah I always be prepared for an improvement of my ibadah. InsyaAllah.

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