Paper and Journal High Impact


Today can be considered as one of the brightest day of my life because Allah S.W.T. gave me a life again to breath and feel the air. Not many people see all days as the brightest day but to me, everyday is a new life to consider where new knowledge, experience, relationship between yourself and family and many other things will be improved.

Well, let us talk about publishing your paper to a conference and journal.

As you can see, many talks about conferences and journals.

For those who still in earlier stage of research, they might consider to send their paper to so called low “high impact” journal where as some might good and excellent in explain things in different manner might send to high “high impact” journal.

Many still want to publish their paper to a conference as right now conference become trends to be like two in one. For example, there are few conferences that stated that “best paper will be published in one of the following journals…”.

So, you will have a conference paper and then the journal committee will ask you to give different name for your paper and prepare a 30% different than the conference paper in order to be published in their journal.

It happens a lot today but it is a great thing to make their journal database bigger and has large audience access for researchers and academicians.

How high impact journal is getting “high”?


Even a Malaysia local journal can become high impact journal in this world

The strategy must be used upon that.

First, let say 20 researchers published their paper in their local journal. They maintained a frequent at least twice a year journal submission.

Then, another year come and these 20 researchers had their own students and begin citing their own paper but always not to include their supervisors name. Supervisors just want them to put their own name and their friends but citing supervisors paper.

Next, supervisor prepare a visit to various country all over the world and ask for the committee members in order to make their local journal “international”. At least 30% of them must be international level. Simple, just shoot out an email and ask them politely and give them few benefits such as come to visit Malaysia and we prepare this and this for them. Or maybe they will accept the invitation for free as this can be included in their CVs.

Now, maintain the following steps for few years let say for 3 and 4 years and them the impact will grow up and citation increase.

Now, your journal becoming international standard and has high impact value.

Cool strategy that has been used by many countries. It is just a simple tasks. It started with student cited their supervisors paper and the trends begin.

So, for the new researcher out there or other researchers

The quality my be questioned…but in today world?

In the environments…

What would you aspect?

The answer depends heavily on you.

You the one that shape the future or the environment.

I will leave this for fruit for thought.

Thank you.


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