A Novel Interference Detection Algorithm using Planar Subdivision of Axis-Aligned Bounding Box for Virtual Reality Application

Duration :
1st February 2014 – 31th July 2015 (18 months)

Penyelia :
Hamzah Asyrani Bin Sulaiman,

Fakulti Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi (FTMK)

– Passed the Master Degree requirement
– Moderate understanding/programming of C++ language
– Good knowledge of game technology
– Willing to work long hours and stay up midnight.

This project is aim to model a novel collision detection technique which is able to compute accurately and fast time of contact between two or more colliding objects by manipulating the Axis-Aligned Bounding-Box using Planar Subdivision technique at the center of the intersection point. By performing continuous collision detection where we optimizing the way on how to compute the distance computation between two objects, we can get better accuracy with an increase of collision detection performance. Until now, most researchers’ still using algebraic equation for distance computation algorithm but it requires more computation time even though the precision is just an approximation. Hence, in this research we will try speed up the process and improve the accuracy by improving the distance computation algorithm and using conservative advancement method by optimizing Planar Subdivision technique of Axis-Aligned Bounding-Box. Parallel processing using Graphic Processing Unit that contains many cores compared to CPU also can help to reduce the computation cost of performing continuous collision detection. It can be optimized by using multi-thread detection scheme that will be used in this collision detection technique. It be used by many 3D tools when performing rendering that requires an accurate and fast response collision detection between objects. It will available for standard library or plugin for the 3D tools such as 3D Studio Max and Maya where animator will just need to include our collision detection library for their animation.

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