Plan, Think and Do It, and Praying

Assalammualaikum and Very Good Morning,

It is been an early morning to write such entry for such a nice saturday. Yup, around 7 am later I will pick up my shoes and go for 4 km jogging around my workplace “Balapan” track. But before I do that, I’ve done performed Subuh prayer just now and right now sitting in front of my computer writing up something.

Plan, Think and Do it and Praying.

It is a normal thing for you to plan as a human being. Without a plan, most of the stuff that you are willing to get will apparently failed and you will feel bad about it.

Of course there are some people that think that planning will do nothing at all and they just depends on their luck. But actually, they already planned for a luck!

As a muslim, Planning, Thinking and Do It, and Praying are consider as a cycle of your daily life routine. After a well proper planning, all you got to do is try to think that you will able to do it and of course require praying (Doa) to Allah S.W.T. to help us to carry out our mission.

In this life, there is no such a thing as “The end of line”. I mean, whatever you do to get it, you must not give up and try to do your best and praying so hard that you will actually get the thing you always wanted. Even though it is not granted now, Allah S.W.T. will granted to us maybe in 5 years later or 10 to 20 years later.

Thanks to our ancestor prayer or our mom prayer that we became successful person today. Imagine that our mom and dad already pray for the best of us since we are little one. Now after 20 years, we finally became what our mom and dad always wanted to be. Of course, it requires our mom and dad to keep on praying, do the right thing, planning ahead and always surrender to the Qada and Qadar that has been setup by Allah S.W.T.


What we have today is something that we should thanks to Allah S.W.T. If is not because of Allah S.W.T. granted us everything around us, we are not able to do anything.  “Rezeki” is something that only Allah S.W.T. decision based on our hardworking and praying. Some people just can get what they wanted easily without having to trying so hard to get it. Why they are some people that is difference than us?

The answer is simple, it is a simple test from Allah S.W.T. whether you and your partner become thankful to what Allah S.W.T. gave them. Sometimes, when Allah S.W.T. keep on give human everything they wants, it is actually a test to see whether you are good enough to thank to Allah S.W.T. Whether you become Greedy or not.

So, when you get something that everyone cannot get even though they fought so hard to get it, please be thankful to Allah S.W.T. and always be a helping hand to others who cannot get what they want. It is not yours from the beginning, but it is Allah S.W.T. “property”. It is lend to you and Allah S.W.T. is the only one that can take it back from you. Just like when my father passed away 2 years ago, where I’ve realized that I’m really thankful to Allah S.W.T. for gave me 24 years to be with my father. I will forever missed him so much and how much I’m really thankful to Allah S.W.T. for that. Now it is time for me whether I have enough trust from Allah S.W.T. to have what I wanted almost.

Well, that is it for today. Happy Saturday and have a nice jogging and weekend with your family

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