February 2012


Bulan February ini merupakan bulan yang agak “menyihatkan” bagi saya.

Saya sendiri merasakan bulan February berlalu agak pantas

Back to two or three days from today…

Early February start with my travel to Sabah just to visit fellow researchers in my research area, presenting ideas and do some research thinking with them.

Back to the workplace, I did some teaching and some work about my final examination paper. Plus with few meetings about INOTEK and APACE 2012.

Later in the middle of February 2012, I went short course (just few days) at UTeM City Campus and imagine that between the free time, I need to go back and forth just to settle few stuff regarding my
– FRGS presentation
– Final DACS 2222 Examination paper repair
– settling some claims

Plus, having several meetings and I’ve needed to seeking help from my friends which is under my BIRO to help me.

And then need to attend conference (right now) at KL where I need to do some poster presentation at Sunway Resort And Hotel near the Sunway Pyramid.

I went there (ACM ICUIMC 2012) and meet some people over there. One of them is from Tajikstan (border of China, Iraq, etc) and most of the country is surrounding with mountains. His name Zafar and he seems to like Malaysian food called Meehoon. I’ve asked him about what is the common food over there and he just said “Osh”. But later in the night I just searched by Googling it and found that Osh contain carrots, rice and meats. It seems great and I wonder where could I eat this stuff.

Back to presentation,

Tomorrow I will do my poster presentation. I’ve printed out my poster (A1 size) with just RM22. It looks good and I wonder whether I can fit the board or not. Otherwise I will just gamble and try to convince them verbally.

I have another paper to submit and one of them is RCAEM-II on May 30-31, 2012. The other one is ICSTIE 2012, PRIMA 2012 and IRAM 2012. I’m also preparing for a manuscript for Journal submission (local journal or international journal) – as long as it has SCOPUS or ISI Indexing.

Well, happy reading.




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